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2024 World Series


*Q- How do you qualify for the World Series


*A- FASA is participation oriented. To qualify for the World Series or National all you have to do is participate in 1 State Qualifier and your local State Tournament. Another way to qualify is to place top 2 in an NIT or participate in a triple point Regional Qualifier


*Q- Is there a recommended number of pins or goody bags for the first pool play game? 


*A- Pins needed depends on the individual  girl, how many she wants to trade, maybe based on how many teams in your age group. *Also, the gift exchange which is at your first pool game, should be a bag or whatever you choose that contains items that represent your team and the area of the country where you live. Be as creative as you like and make it fun!  We suggest 15 bags just in case the other team  you are trading with brings more girls than an average team (which happens frequently).  


*Q- What are the girls supposed to wear for opening ceremonies? 


*A- A lot of the teams wear silly costumes and hats, sunglasses, etc., shirts designed specifically for the World Series with their team name on them, or just something that matches, as pictures will be taken of teams at Opening Ceremonies.

 As an example, there have been teams from Texas that have worn cowboy boots and bandanas that matched. Just make it fun and let the girls be creative as they want! Some just wear their uniforms also.


*Q- Are we supposed to have a specific brand ball for games? Red or blue stitch?

*A- Balls are provided for the Bracket Games at the World Series. The umpires will keep up with the balls. Pool play balls must be core .47 375 compression


*Q- What are the uniform requirements? We have two uniforms but three girls don't have the matching pants for the second uniform.  Is it required they have them?

*A- We would like for the uniforms to match, but as long as  the player has her correct number on the shirt, with no identical numbers, then it's fine.


*Q- If a player plays FASA WS with our team, is she allowed to play a national with another team?

*A- As long as it's not on the same weekend. This is standard for even ordinary weekend tournaments.